"Every drawing, painting or sketch a child makes is precious, a masterpiece and a piece of their development captured in time"


For Families

Kids art is what we do ! myDrawings.me is an online art gallery for children, a safe, simple and free environment for you to store, view and celebrate your child's art with family and friends. The whole process from drawing, through scanning to online gallery showcase is a great way to gently introduce your children to the world of computers and I.T. and encourage their creative skills.



Children's art is inspiring, captivating and really quite emotive. myDrawings.me has been designed to facilitate schools and nurseries, providing the perfect storage solution for pupils artwork. Class and genre specific galleries are easily created and edited, allowing on-going individual or group projects to be safely stored and viewed. Invitation links can be sent out to invite friends and family members to view their progress in thumbnail or slideshow format.


Buy Online

  • Image-books
  • Calendars
  • Canvas prints

These are some of the formats with which you can immortalize your children's work. We regularly review our product prices to keep them competitive, and all prices include postage and packaging to make things simple. 

Our Image-books are very popular gifts, hand crafted and beautifully designed to compliment these wonderful images. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

Worlds BIGGEST Picture Mosaic

We've now launched our BIG Picture project. We intend to build the worlds largest picture mosaic made from the drawings on this site. Simply upload your drawings to be part of something BIG. We need 15,000 images which will be printed and assembled to make one giant overall image at a future date. So tell your friends and sign up to create your first gallery, remember it's completely FREE.

How to use this site

The scanning process may seem a little daunting but most domestic printer/scanners are incredibly easy to use and remarkably cheap to buy (around £30), and once you've cracked it the whole process is quite enjoyable. The main advice we can give you is to make sure you know where the scanner stores the files you've scanned, and make sure they're JPEG files under 2Megabytes. If you don't have access to a printer which scans then we're happy to do the work for you. Simply sign up and send up to 25 (A4 or A3) drawings to the address below and we'll create an attractive gallery and send your work back to you in an A4 envelope.

The Paint Lab

Due to the success of our Paint Lab at last summers JustSoFestival we're now rolling this out in 2012. We have many family friendly festivals lined up and are very excited to have joined the Angel Gardens family. Angel Gardens create a wonderful children's area at many festivals both large and small and have welcomed us in with open arms. Full list of festivals and dates to follow . . .